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Pending lawsuits could influence EEOC criminal background check policy
Observers say two still-pending 2013 cases may directly address the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's policy on criminal background checks in hiring.

TAKING ACTION: Who is responsible for hiring mall Santas, Easter Bunnies
TENNESSEE VALLEY, Ala. (WHNT) — This time of year many families throughout the Tennessee Valley head to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny, but the outing may not be as innocent as you think. Parents in Pennsylvania are demanding answers after learning that a registered sex offender worked as the Easter Bunny at a local […]

Strategic Partnership Between TazWorks and I-9 Advantage Simplifies the Form I-9 and E-Verify® Process by Increasing …
DETROIT, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TazWorks LLC, a leading background screening software provider, is partnering with I-9 Advantage, a leading cloud-based Form I-9 compliance and E-Verify® solution provider, to simplify the hiring process by streamlining background checks with automated employment eligibility and verification compliance procedures. Learn more about TazWorks by visiting …

2015 HireRight Transportation Survey Uncovers Motor Carriers’ Recruiting, Retention, and Screening Strategies to …
Amid a perfect storm of increasing market demand requiring more drivers, a declining number of drivers due to an aging workforce, and fewer younger drivers being hired, the driver

Haunted by the Past: A Criminal Record Shouldn't Ruin a Career
Too many applicants, particularly people of color, are being denied jobs based on background checks that are irrelevant or even inaccurate.

Criminal background checks create dilemma for employers
Employers are struggling to deal with vague U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on how they should conduct criminal background checks.

Nashville Police Department Wants To Allow The Hiring Immigrants To Serve As Police Officers, Sparks Outrage
The Nashville Police Department is making national headlines due to a recent, controversial request in regards to immigrants. Apparently, the law enforcement agency feels immigrants should be considered for employment as police officers. So, the department is reportedly attempting to convince the state legislature to legalize the hiring of immigrants for law enforcement purposes. The Nashville …

It Works for Sales. How to Set Up a Funnel for Hiring.
Setting up this structure helps you sort through job candidates quickly and efficiently so that you can focus your attention on the most promising applicants.

Top 10 hiring mistakes
By being more strategic about recruiting and retention, you can work more effectively to save time and money by recruiting the right person the first time.

Job interview? Beat the millennial stereotype
How would a non millennial explain our current Catch-22? We can't get a job because we don't have enough job experience but we don't have have enough job experience to get a job! — Bobby Irven, Facebook …