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What Do Hiring Companies Look For in a Background Check?
Companies that are hiring have been taking a much closer look at the people they may hire. Company security concerns, employee lawsuits, avoided issues in general saves money and time. Potential employers now understand that a bad hiring decision can lead to big problems.

Currently over 90% of employers now run hiring checks on potential new employess including drug testing, and criminal background checks.

During a pre-hire background check, an employer will take a look at your professional as well as your personal history. They now have become aggressive in verifying your education and past employment. They will and should check for any criminal activity in your past, they will talk to your references. It’s reported that some companies are now looking at your driving record, credit history and past background checks and drug screening histories.

Before running a background check, a potential employer needs to gather some specific info from you. They will need to contact your former employers and get the names of any previous supervisors.

Soem of the information they will need is not typically found on a resume. Today companies use job applications designed to ask and gather information that may be required to run a complete hiring background check.

The bottom line is how you filled out a company’s job application may be tied directly to whether or not you get the job. Research shows that 80% of companies report that discrepancies on a job application will take a job candidate out of consideration for a job.

When you fill out job applications make sure the information you supply is complete and easy to verify. Here are some common problems on applications:

Bad contact information provided for a former employer that has gone out of business?

Temp agency jobs, who did you list as the employer?

Do you mention ever being fired or just skip that info?

How you answer questions can make the difference between a good background check and one that may deter an employer from hiring you, make sure any included info is easy to verify. Human resource departments are busy, they may skip over applications that are hard to read, undertsand or verify.

Having success when searching for a job requires a professional-looking resume, good interviewing skills, and a positive attitude. Simple common sense approaches like mentioened will help you get a foot in the door and be remembered.

Bottom line is if you don’t pass a background check, you probably won’t get the job.

Online services now streamline all the work obtaining pertinent information and organize it into a report that anyone can download for a fee. No longer does anyone need to visit city hall, the police station, the state capital and other places to gather information, it can be collected all in one in a background check.

In closing take your time to prepare any detailed information that you may use on a job application. It’s better to be prepared when conducting a job serach.

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